Samsung DA97-17376B HAF-QIN/EXP Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, 2 pack

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The Samsung HAF-QIN Refrigerator Water Filter provides convenient access to fresh, clean water and ice. Utilizing a potent concentrated carbon filter, it eradicates over 99 percent of potentially harmful contaminants. Specifically crafted for use in select Samsung refrigerators, this refrigerator water filter is compatible with models starting with RF23M and similar variations. The HAF-QIN boasts a sleek design that facilitates effortless installation and removal without the need for any tools.


Brand: Samsung
Part Number: HAF-QIN
Pack Size: 1
Filter Life (Months): 6
Filter Life (Gallons): 300
Filter Media: Carbon Block
NSF Certification(s): 42, 53, 401

Compatible models

Samsung BRF365200AP
Samsung BRF365200AP/AA
Samsung BRF365200APAA
Samsung BRF425200AP
Samsung BRF425200AP/AA
Samsung BRF425200APAA
Samsung EF28R7551SRAA
Samsung FR28R6201SR
Samsung FR28R6201SR/AA
Samsung FR28R7351SG
Samsung FR28R7351SG/AA
Samsung IRF27T5201SR
Samsung RF22A4121SG
Samsung RF22A4121SG/AA
Samsung RF22A4121SGAA
Samsung RF22A4121SR
Samsung RF22A4121SR/AA
Samsung RF22A4121SRAA
Samsung RF22A4221SG
Samsung RF22A4221SG/AA
Samsung RF22A4221SGAA
Samsung RF22A4221SR
Samsung RF22A4221SR/AA
Samsung RF22A4221SRAA
Samsung RF22R7351DT
Samsung RF22R7351DT/AA
Samsung RF22R7351DTAA
Samsung RF22R7351SG
Samsung RF22R7351SG/AA
Samsung RF22R7351SGAA
Samsung RF22R7351SR
Samsung RF22R7351SR/AA
Samsung RF22R7351SRAA
Samsung RF22R7551DT
Samsung RF22R7551DT/AA
Samsung RF22R7551DTAA
Samsung RF22R7551SG
Samsung RF22R7551SG/AA
Samsung RF22R7551SGAA
Samsung RF22R7551SR
Samsung RF22R7551SR/AA
Samsung RF22R7551SRAA
Samsung RF233M8070SR
Samsung RF23A9071SG
Samsung RF23A967512
Samsung RF23A967512/AA
Samsung RF23A967512AA
Samsung RF23A967535
Samsung RF23A967535/AA
Samsung RF23A967535AA
Samsung RF23A967541
Samsung RF23A967541/AA
Samsung RF23A967541AA
Samsung RF23A9675AP
Samsung RF23A9675AP/AA
Samsung RF23A9675APAA
Samsung RF23A9675MT
Samsung RF23A9675MT/AA
Samsung RF23A9675MTAA
Samsung RF23A9771SR
Samsung RF23BB820012
Samsung RF23BB820012/AA
Samsung RF23BB820012AA
Samsung RF23BB8200AP
Samsung RF23BB8200AP/AA
Samsung RF23BB8200APAA
Samsung RF23BB8200QL
Samsung RF23BB8200QL/AA
Samsung RF23BB8200QLAA
Samsung RF23BB860012
Samsung RF23BB860012/AA
Samsung RF23BB860012AA
Samsung RF23BB86004M
Samsung RF23BB86004M/AA
Samsung RF23BB86004MAA
Samsung RF23BB8600AP
Samsung RF23BB8600AP/AA
Samsung RF23BB8600APAA
Samsung RF23BB8600QL
Samsung RF23BB8600QL/AA
Samsung RF23BB8600QLAA
Samsung RF23BB89008M
Samsung RF23BB89008M/AA
Samsung RF23BB89008MAA
Samsung RF23BB8900AC
Samsung RF23BB8900AC/AA
Samsung RF23BB8900ACAA
Samsung RF23BB8900AW
Samsung RF23BB8900AW/AA
Samsung RF23BB8900AWAA
Samsung RF23M8070DT
Samsung RF23M8070DT/AA
Samsung RF23M8070DTAA
Samsung RF23M8070SG
Samsung RF23M8070SG/AA
Samsung RF23M8070SGAA
Samsung RF23M8070SR
Samsung RF23M8070SR AA
Samsung RF23M8070SR/AA
Samsung RF23M8070SRAA
Samsung RF23M8070SRIAA
Samsung RF23M807OSR/AA
Samsung RF23M807SG
Samsung RF23M807SG/AA
Samsung RF23M807SR/AA
Samsung RF23M8090SG
Samsung RF23M8090SG/AA
Samsung RF23M8090SGAA
Samsung RF23M8090SR
Samsung RF23M8090SR/AA
Samsung RF23M8090SRAA
Samsung RF23M8570SG
Samsung RF23M8570SG/AA
Samsung RF23M8570SGAA
Samsung RF23M8570SR
Samsung RF23M8570SR/AA
Samsung RF23M8570SRAA
Samsung RF23M8590SG
Samsung RF23M8590SG/AA
Samsung RF23M8590SGAA
Samsung RF23M8590SR
Samsung RF23M8590SR/AA
Samsung RF23M8590SRAA
Samsung RF23M8960MT
Samsung RF23M8960MT/AA
Samsung RF23M8960MTAA
Samsung RF23M8960S4
Samsung RF23M8960S4/AA
Samsung RF23M8960S4AA
Samsung RF23R301SR
Samsung RF23R6201DT
Samsung RF23R6201DT/AA
Samsung RF23R6201DTAA
Samsung RF23R6201SG
Samsung RF23R6201SG/AA
Samsung RF23R6201SGAA
Samsung RF23R6201SR
Samsung RF23R6201SR/AA
Samsung RF23R6201SR/AP
Samsung RF23R6201SRAA
Samsung RF23R6201WW
Samsung RF23R6201WW/AA
Samsung RF23R6201WWAA
Samsung RF23R6291SR
Samsung RF23R6301SR
Samsung RF23R6301SR/AA
Samsung RF23R6301SRAA
Samsung RF24BB620012
Samsung RF24BB620012/AA
Samsung RF24BB620012AA
Samsung RF24BB6200AP
Samsung RF24BB6200AP/AA
Samsung RF24BB6200APAA
Samsung RF24BB6200QL
Samsung RF24BB6200QL/AA
Samsung RF24BB6200QLAA
Samsung RF24BB660012
Samsung RF24BB660012/AA
Samsung RF24BB660012AA
Samsung RF24BB6600AP
Samsung RF24BB6600AP/AA
Samsung RF24BB6600APAA
Samsung RF24BB6600QL
Samsung RF24BB6600QL/AA
Samsung RF24BB6600QLAA
Samsung RF24BB69006M
Samsung RF24BB69006M/AA
Samsung RF24BB69006MAA
Samsung RF24BB6900AC
Samsung RF24BB6900AC/AA
Samsung RF24BB6900ACAA
Samsung RF24BB6900AW
Samsung RF24BB6900AW/AA
Samsung RF24BB6900AWAA
Samsung RF24R7201DT
Samsung RF24R7201DT/AA
Samsung RF24R7201DTAA
Samsung RF24R7201SG
Samsung RF24R7201SG/AA
Samsung RF24R7201SGAA
Samsung RF24R7201SR
Samsung RF24R7201SR/AA
Samsung RF24R7201SRAA
Samsung RF262BEAESR
Samsung RF262BEAESR/AA
Samsung RF263BEASR/AA
Samsung RF2725241SR
Samsung RF27T52001SR/AA
Samsung RF27T5200SR
Samsung RF27T5200SR/AA
Samsung RF27T5201SG
Samsung RF27T5201SG/AA
Samsung RF27T5201SGAA
Samsung RF27T5201SR
Samsung RF27T5201SR AA
Samsung RF27T5201SR/AA
Samsung RF27T5201SRAA
Samsung RF27T5201SRI
Samsung RF27T5201SRIAA
Samsung RF27T5201WW
Samsung RF27T5201WW/AA
Samsung RF27T5201WWAA
Samsung RF27T5501SG
Samsung RF27T5501SG/AA
Samsung RF27T5501SGAA
Samsung RF27T5501SR
Samsung RF27T5501SR/AA
Samsung RF27T5501SRAA
Samsung RF2815001SR
Samsung RF2815001SR/AA
Samsung RF286301SG/AA
Samsung RF28R620/SR/AA
Samsung RF28R6201DT
Samsung RF28R6201DT/AA
Samsung RF28R6201DTAA
Samsung RF28R6201SG
Samsung RF28R6201SG/AA
Samsung RF28R6201SGAA
Samsung RF28R6201SR
Samsung RF28R6201SR/AA
Samsung RF28R6201SRAA
Samsung RF28R6202WW
Samsung RF28R6202WW/AA
Samsung RF28R6202WWAA
Samsung RF28R6221SR
Samsung RF28R6221SR/AA
Samsung RF28R6221SRAA
Samsung RF28R6241SR
Samsung RF28R6241SR/AA
Samsung RF28R6241SRAA
Samsung RF28R6301DT
Samsung RF28R6301DT/AA
Samsung RF28R6301DTAA
Samsung RF28R6301SG
Samsung RF28R6301SG/AA
Samsung RF28R6301SGAA
Samsung RF28R6301SR
Samsung RF28R6301SR/AA
Samsung RF28R6301SRAA
Samsung RF28R7201DT
Samsung RF28R7201DT/AA
Samsung RF28R7201DTAA
Samsung RF28R7201SG
Samsung RF28R7201SG/AA
Samsung RF28R7201SGAA
Samsung RF28R7201SR
Samsung RF28R7201SR/AA
Samsung RF28R7201SRAA
Samsung RF28R720RAA
Samsung RF28R7351DT
Samsung RF28R7351DT/AA
Samsung RF28R7351DTAA
Samsung RF28R7351SG
Samsung RF28R7351SG/AA
Samsung RF28R7351SGAA
Samsung RF28R7351SR
Samsung RF28R7351SR/AA
Samsung RF28R7351SRAA
Samsung RF28R755/AA
Samsung RF28R755/DT/AA
Samsung RF28R7551DT
Samsung RF28R7551DT/AA
Samsung RF28R7551DTAA
Samsung RF28R7551SG
Samsung RF28R7551SG/AA
Samsung RF28R7551SGAA
Samsung RF28R7551SR
Samsung RF28R7551SR/AA
Samsung RF28R7551SRAA
Samsung RF28T5001SG
Samsung RF28T5001SG/AA
Samsung RF28T5001SGAA
Samsung RF28T5001SR
Samsung RF28T5001SR/AA
Samsung RF28T5001SRAA
Samsung RF28T5001SS
Samsung RF28T5001WW
Samsung RF28T5001WW/AA
Samsung RF28T5001WWAA
Samsung RF28T500ISG
Samsung RF28T5021SG
Samsung RF28T5021SG/AA
Samsung RF28T5021SGAA
Samsung RF28T5021SR
Samsung RF28T5021SR/AA
Samsung RF28T5021SRAA
Samsung RF28T5101SG
Samsung RF28T5101SG/AA
Samsung RF28T5101SGAA
Samsung RF28T5101SR
Samsung RF28T5101SR/AA
Samsung RF28T5101SRAA
Samsung RF28T5101WW
Samsung RF28T5101WW/AA
Samsung RF28T5101WWAA
Samsung RF28T5F01SG
Samsung RF28T5F01SG/AA
Samsung RF28T5F01SGAA
Samsung RF28T5F01SR
Samsung RF28T5F01SR/AA
Samsung RF28T5F01SRAA
Samsung RF29A9071SG/AA
Samsung RF29A9071SR/AA
Samsung RF29A9671SG/AA
Samsung RF29A967512
Samsung RF29A967512/AA
Samsung RF29A967512AA
Samsung RF29A967535
Samsung RF29A967535/AA
Samsung RF29A967535AA
Samsung RF29A967541
Samsung RF29A967541/AA
Samsung RF29A967541AA
Samsung RF29A9675AP
Samsung RF29A9675AP/AA
Samsung RF29A9675APAA
Samsung RF29A9675MT
Samsung RF29A9675MT/AA
Samsung RF29A9675MTAA
Samsung RF29A9771SG/AA
Samsung RF29BB820012
Samsung RF29BB820012/AA
Samsung RF29BB820012AA
Samsung RF29BB8200AP
Samsung RF29BB8200AP/AA
Samsung RF29BB8200APAA
Samsung RF29BB8200QL
Samsung RF29BB8200QL/AA
Samsung RF29BB8200QLAA
Samsung RF29BB860012
Samsung RF29BB860012/AA
Samsung RF29BB860012AA
Samsung RF29BB86004M
Samsung RF29BB86004M/AA
Samsung RF29BB86004MAA
Samsung RF29BB8600AP
Samsung RF29BB8600AP/AA
Samsung RF29BB8600APAA
Samsung RF29BB8600QL
Samsung RF29BB8600QL/AA
Samsung RF29BB8600QLAA
Samsung RF29BB89008M
Samsung RF29BB89008M/AA
Samsung RF29BB89008MAA
Samsung RF29BB8900AC
Samsung RF29BB8900AC/AA
Samsung RF29BB8900ACAA
Samsung RF29BB8900ACAC
Samsung RF29BB8900AW
Samsung RF29BB8900AW/AA
Samsung RF29BB8900AWAA
Samsung RF30BB620012
Samsung RF30BB620012/AA
Samsung RF30BB620012AA
Samsung RF30BB6200AP
Samsung RF30BB6200AP/AA
Samsung RF30BB6200APAA
Samsung RF30BB6200QL
Samsung RF30BB6200QL/AA
Samsung RF30BB6200QLAA
Samsung RF30BB660012
Samsung RF30BB660012/AA
Samsung RF30BB660012AA
Samsung RF30BB6600AP
Samsung RF30BB6600AP/AA
Samsung RF30BB6600APAA
Samsung RF30BB6600QL
Samsung RF30BB6600QL/AA
Samsung RF30BB6600QLAA
Samsung RF30BB69006M
Samsung RF30BB69006M/AA
Samsung RF30BB69006MAA
Samsung RF30BB6900AC
Samsung RF30BB6900AC/AA
Samsung RF30BB6900ACAA
Samsung RF30BB6900AW
Samsung RF30BB6900AW/AA
Samsung RF30BB6900AWAA
Samsung RR28R7351SR
Samsung RS2275201SR
Samsung RS22T5201SG
Samsung RS22T5201SG/AA
Samsung RS22T5201SGAA
Samsung RS22T5201SR
Samsung RS22T5201SR/AA
Samsung RS22T5201SRAA
Samsung RS22T5561SG
Samsung RS22T5561SG/AA
Samsung RS22T5561SGAA
Samsung RS22T5561SR
Samsung RS22T5561SR/AA
Samsung RS22T5561SRAA
Samsung RS23A500ASG
Samsung RS23A500ASG/AA
Samsung RS23A500ASGAA
Samsung RS23A500ASR
Samsung RS23A500ASR/AA
Samsung RS23A500ASRAA
Samsung RS2715200SG
Samsung RS271T5200SR
Samsung RS277T5200SG/AA
Samsung RS27T 5200SR
Samsung RS27T52005G
Samsung RS27T5200RS/AA
Samsung RS27T5200SF
Samsung RS27T5200SG
Samsung RS27T5200SG/AA
Samsung RS27T5200SGAA
Samsung RS27T5200SR
Samsung RS27T5200SR/AA
Samsung RS27T5200SRAA
Samsung RS27T5200SS
Samsung RS27T5200WW
Samsung RS27T5200WW/AA
Samsung RS27T5200WWAA
Samsung RS27T5201SR
Samsung RS27T5201SR/AA
Samsung RS27T5201SRAA
Samsung RS27T5561SG
Samsung RS27T5561SG/AA
Samsung RS27T5561SGAA
Samsung RS27T5561SR
Samsung RS27T5561SR/AA
Samsung RS27T5561SRAA
Samsung RS28A500ASG
Samsung RS28A500ASG/AA
Samsung RS28A500ASGAA
Samsung RS28A500ASR
Samsung RS28A500ASR/AA
Samsung RS28A500ASR/AS
Samsung RS28A500ASRAA
Samsung RS28A5F61SG
Samsung RS28A5F61SG/AA
Samsung RS28A5F61SGAA
Samsung RS28A5F61SR
Samsung RS28A5F61SR/AA
Samsung RS28A5F61SRAA
Samsung SR27T5200SR/AA

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