Frigidaire EPTWFU01 PureSource Ultra II, 3 pack

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Prevent the accumulation of plastic water bottles in landfills by utilizing the Frigidaire Puresource Ultra II EPTWFU01 Water & Ice Refrigerator Filter. This replacement filter uses carbon media to purify your ice and water. It effectively decreases or removes VOCs, lead, cysts, and various other contaminants, ensuring your water is clean and fresh. Regularly replacing your filter every 6 months guarantees a consistent supply of high-quality water. This filter presents a clever solution to your concerns about water quality and is likely to be the best decision you'll make all day!


Brand: Frigidaire
Part Number: EPTWFU01
Pack Size: 1
Filter Life (Months): 6
Filter Life (Gallons): 200
Filter Media: Carbon Block Dimensions: 9" x 2"
Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute (gpm)
Operating Pressure: 30 - 100 pounds per square inch (psi)
Operating Temperature: 40 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
NSF Certification(s): 42, 53, 401
Compatible models

Amana FGHB2868TEZ
Crosley RVRF3361SS2
Electrolux CFEH272ITD
Electrolux CFEH272ITS
Electrolux CFEH272ITW
Electrolux DGHD2361TF
Electrolux DGHF2361TF
Electrolux DGHK2355TF
Electrolux DGHX2655TF
Electrolux E123BC82SS0
Electrolux E123BC82SS1
Electrolux E123BC82SS2
Electrolux E123BC82SS3
Electrolux E123BC82SS4
Electrolux E123BC82SS5
Electrolux E123BC82SS6
Electrolux E23BC69SPS
Electrolux E23BC69SPS0
Electrolux E23BC69SPS1
Electrolux E23BC69SPS2
Electrolux E23BC69SPS3
Electrolux E23BC69SPS4
Electrolux E23BC79SPS
Electrolux E23BC79SPS0
Electrolux E23BC79SPS1
Electrolux E23BC79SPS2
Electrolux E23BC79SPS3
Electrolux E23BC79SPS4
Electrolux E23BC79SPS5
Electrolux E23BC79SPS6
Electrolux E23BC79SPS7
Electrolux EI23BC32SS
Electrolux EI23BC32SS0
Electrolux EI23BC32SS1
Electrolux EI23BC32SS2
Electrolux EI23BC32SS3
Electrolux EI23BC32SS4
Electrolux EI23BC37SS
Electrolux EI23BC37SS0
Electrolux EI23BC37SS1
Electrolux EI23BC37SS2
Electrolux EI23BC37SS3
Electrolux EI23BC37SS4
Electrolux EI23BC82SS
Electrolux EI23BC82SS0
Electrolux EI23BC82SS1
Electrolux EI23BC82SS2
Electrolux EI23BC82SS3
Electrolux EI23BC82SS4
Electrolux EI23BC82SS5
Electrolux EI23BC82SS6
Electrolux ERMC2295AS
Electrolux EW23BC87SS
Electrolux EW23BC87SS0
Electrolux EW23BC87SS1
Electrolux EW23BC87SS2
Electrolux EW23BC87SS3
Electrolux EW23BC87SS4
Electrolux EW23BC87SS5
Electrolux EW23BC87SS6
Electrolux EW23BC87SS7
Electrolux EW28BS87SS
Electrolux EW28BS87SS0
Electrolux EW28BS87SS1
Electrolux EW28BS87SS2
Electrolux EW28BS87SS3
Electrolux FFHB2750TD
Electrolux FFHB2750TE
Electrolux FFHB2750TP
Electrolux FFHB2750TS
Electrolux FFHD2250TD
Electrolux FFHD2250TS
Electrolux FFHG2250TD
Electrolux FFHG2250TS
Electrolux FFHN2750TD
Electrolux FFHN2750TS
Electrolux FFSC2323TS
Electrolux FG4C2272UF
Electrolux FG4H2272UF
Electrolux FGHB2868TD
Electrolux FGHB2868TE
Electrolux FGHB2868TF
Electrolux FGHB2868TP
Electrolux FGHD2368TD
Electrolux FGHD2368TF
Electrolux FGHG2368TF
Electrolux FGHN2868TE
Electrolux FGHN2868TF
Electrolux FGHN2868TP
Electrolux FGHS2635TD
Electrolux FGSC2335TD
Electrolux FGSC2335TF
Electrolux FGSS2635TD
Electrolux FGSS2635TE
Electrolux FGSS2635TF
Electrolux FGSS2635TP
Electrolux FPBC2277RF
Electrolux FPBC2278UF
Electrolux FPBG2277RF
Electrolux FPBG2278UF
Electrolux FPBS2777RF
Electrolux FPBS2778UF
Electrolux FPSC2277RF
Electrolux FPSC2278UF
Electrolux FPSS2677RF
Electrolux LFHB2751TF
Electrolux LFHD2251TF
Electrolux LFHG2251TF
Electrolux LFSC2324VF
Electrolux LGHB2869TF
Electrolux LGHD2369TD
Electrolux LGHD2369TF
Electrolux LGHK2336TD
Electrolux LGHK2336TF
Electrolux LGHX2636TD
Electrolux LGHX2636TE
Electrolux LGHX2636TF
Electrolux LGHX2636TP
Frigidaire CFEH272ITD0
Frigidaire CFEH272ITD1
Frigidaire CFEH272ITS0
Frigidaire CFEH272ITS1
Frigidaire CFEH272ITW1
Frigidaire DGHD2361TF
Frigidaire DGHD2361TF0
Frigidaire DGHD2361TF1
Frigidaire DGHD2361TF2
Frigidaire DGHD2361TF3
Frigidaire DGHF2361TF
Frigidaire DGHK2355TF
Frigidaire DGHK2355TF0
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF0
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF5
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF6
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF8
Frigidaire DGHX2655TF9
Frigidaire DGHX2655TFA
Frigidaire DGHX2655TFB
Frigidaire DGHX2655TFC
Frigidaire F64H2272UF
Frigidaire FCHD2368TF5
Frigidaire FFGHB2750TP8
Frigidaire FFHB27502TD5
Frigidaire FFHB27507D8
Frigidaire FFHB2750T
Frigidaire FFHB2750T59
Frigidaire FFHB2750TB8
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD0
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD1
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD2
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD3
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD4
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD5
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD6
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD7
Frigidaire FFHB2750TD8
Frigidaire FFHB2750TDO
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE0
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE1
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE2
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE3
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE5
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE6
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE7
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE8
Frigidaire FFHB2750TE9
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP0
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP1
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP2
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP3
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP5
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP6
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP7
Frigidaire FFHB2750TP8
Frigidaire FFHB2750TPO
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS0
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS1
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS2
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS3
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS5
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS6
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS7
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS8
Frigidaire FFHB2750TS9
Frigidaire FFHB2750TSB
Frigidaire FFHB27550T
Frigidaire FFHB275OT
Frigidaire FFHB275OTS9
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD0
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD0 Filter
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD1
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD3
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD4
Frigidaire FFHD2250TD5
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS0
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS0 Filter
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS1
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS2
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS3
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS4
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS5
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS6
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS7
Frigidaire FFHD2250TS8
Frigidaire FFHD225OTS3
Frigidaire FFHG2250TD
Frigidaire FFHG2250TD0
Frigidaire FFHG2250TD0 Filter
Frigidaire FFHG2250TD1
Frigidaire FFHG2250TS
Frigidaire FFHG2250TS0
Frigidaire FFHG2250TS1
Frigidaire FFHG2250TS2
Frigidaire FFHN2750T56
Frigidaire FFHN2750TD
Frigidaire FFHN2750TD0
Frigidaire FFHN2750TD1
Frigidaire FFHN2750TD2
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS0
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS1
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS2
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS3
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS4
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS5
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS6
Frigidaire FFHN2750TS7
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS0
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS3
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS4
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS6
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS7
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS8
Frigidaire FFSC2323TS9
Frigidaire FFSC2323TSA
Frigidaire FFSC2323TSO
Frigidaire FG442272UF
Frigidaire FG4C2272UF
Frigidaire FG4H2272UF
Frigidaire FG4H2272UF Filter
Frigidaire FG4H2272VF
Frigidaire FG4H227UF
Frigidaire FG4S2631PF4A
Frigidaire FGHB28687F7
Frigidaire FGHB2868F
Frigidaire FGHB2868FF
Frigidaire FGHB2868T
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD0
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD1
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD2
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD3
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD4
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD5
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD6
Frigidaire FGHB2868TD8
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE0
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE1
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE2
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE3
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE4
Frigidaire FGHB2868TE5
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF Filter
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF0
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF1
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF2
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF3
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF4
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF5
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF6
Frigidaire FGHB2868TF7
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP0
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP1
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP2
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP3
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP4
Frigidaire FGHB2868TP5
Frigidaire FGHB2869TF
Frigidaire FGHB286TF4
Frigidaire FGHD2368FT8
Frigidaire FGHD2368T
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD0
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD0 Filter
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD1
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD2
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD3
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD4
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD5
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD6
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD7
Frigidaire FGHD2368TD8
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF0
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF1
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF2
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF3
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF4
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF5
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF6
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF7
Frigidaire FGHD2368TF8
Frigidaire FGHD2369TF8
Frigidaire FGHD238TD6
Frigidaire FGHD2868TF6
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF0
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF1
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF2
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF3
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF4
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF5
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF6
Frigidaire FGHG2368TF8
Frigidaire FGHN2868TE
Frigidaire FGHN2868TE0
Frigidaire FGHN2868TE1
Frigidaire FGHN2868TE2
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF0
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF1
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF2
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF3
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF4
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF5
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF6
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF7
Frigidaire FGHN2868TF8
Frigidaire FGHN2868TP
Frigidaire FGHN2868TP0
Frigidaire FGHN2868TP2
Frigidaire FGHS2635TD
Frigidaire FGSC23357FB
Frigidaire FGSC2335DO
Frigidaire FGSC2335FS
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD0
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD4
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD5
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD7
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD8
Frigidaire FGSC2335TD9
Frigidaire FGSC2335TDA
Frigidaire FGSC2335TDB
Frigidaire FGSC2335TDO
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF0
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF4
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF5
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF50
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF7
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF8
Frigidaire FGSC2335TF9
Frigidaire FGSC2335TFA
Frigidaire FGSC2335TFB
Frigidaire FGSC2335TFO
Frigidaire FGSC2335TFS
Frigidaire FGSC2335TFSD
Frigidaire FGSC233TFB
Frigidaire FGSC2355
Frigidaire FGSC2355TD
Frigidaire FGSC2355TD8
Frigidaire FGSC25355TD8
Frigidaire FGSS2335TFO
Frigidaire FGSS263
Frigidaire FGSS26335TFA
Frigidaire FGSS2635T
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD0
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD4
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD5
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD6
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD7
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD8
Frigidaire FGSS2635TD9
Frigidaire FGSS2635TDO
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE0
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE4
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE5
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE6
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE7
Frigidaire FGSS2635TE8
Frigidaire FGSS2635TES
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF0
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF1
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF5
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF6
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF7
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF8
Frigidaire FGSS2635TF9
Frigidaire FGSS2635TFA
Frigidaire FGSS2635TFB
Frigidaire FGSS2635TFI
Frigidaire FGSS2635TFO
Frigidaire FGSS2635TFS0
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP0
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP4
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP5
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP6
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP7
Frigidaire FGSS2635TP8
Frigidaire FGSS2635TPO
Frigidaire FGSS2635TPQ
Frigidaire FGSS263STD9
Frigidaire FGSS263TE0
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF0
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF1
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF2
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF3
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF4
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF5
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF7
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF8
Frigidaire FPBC2277RF9
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFA
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFB
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFC
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFD
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFG
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFH
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFJ
Frigidaire FPBC2277RFK
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF1
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF3
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF4
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF5
Frigidaire FPBC2278UF7
Frigidaire FPBC227BUF7
Frigidaire FPBF2777RSS
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF0
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF1
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF2
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF4
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF5
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF6
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF7
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF8
Frigidaire FPBG2277RF9
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF Filter
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF1
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF2
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF3
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF4
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF5
Frigidaire FPBG2278UF6
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF0
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF1
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF2
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF3
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF4
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF6
Frigidaire FPBS2777RF9
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFA
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFB
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFC
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFD
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFE
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFF
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFH
Frigidaire FPBS2777RFK
Frigidaire FPBS2778F1
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF 5
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF1
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF3
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF4
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF5
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF6
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF7
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF8
Frigidaire FPBS2778UF9
Frigidaire FPHB2750TD5
Frigidaire FPHB2868TF
Frigidaire FPPS2778UF5
Frigidaire FPSC2277RF
Frigidaire FPSC2277RF0
Frigidaire FPSC2277RF1
Frigidaire FPSC2277RF2
Frigidaire FPSC2277RF5
Frigidaire FPSC2277RFB
Frigidaire FPSC2277RP
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF1
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF5
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF6
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF7
Frigidaire FPSC2278UF8
Frigidaire FPSC2278UFA
Frigidaire FPSS2677RF
Frigidaire FPSS2677RF0
Frigidaire FPSS2677RF1
Frigidaire FRFG1723AV
Frigidaire FRFG1723AV02
Frigidaire FRS26LF70S7
Frigidaire FRSS2323ASAWO
Frigidaire FRSS2323AW
Frigidaire FRSS2323AWA
Frigidaire GFSC2335TF9
Frigidaire GRQC2255AF
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF0
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF1
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF2
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF3
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF4
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF5
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF6
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF7
Frigidaire LFHB2751TF8
Frigidaire LFHD2251TF
Frigidaire LFHD2251TF4
Frigidaire LFHD2251TF5
Frigidaire LFHD2251TF7
Frigidaire LFHD2251TF8
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF0
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF2
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF3
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF4
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF5
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF6
Frigidaire LFHG2251TF8
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF0
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF1
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF2
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF3
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF4
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF5
Frigidaire LFSC2324VF6
Frigidaire LGHB2869TD0
Frigidaire LGHB2869TD1
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF0
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF1
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF3
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF4
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF5
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF6
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF7
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF8
Frigidaire LGHB2869TF9
Frigidaire LGHB2869TFI
Frigidaire LGHD2369TD
Frigidaire LGHD2369TD0
Frigidaire LGHD2369TD2
Frigidaire LGHD2369TD3
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF0
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF1
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF2
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF3
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF4
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF5
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF6
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF7
Frigidaire LGHD2369TF8
Frigidaire LGHK2336TD
Frigidaire LGHK2336TD5
Frigidaire LGHK2336TD6
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF0
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF3
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF4
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF5
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF6
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF7
Frigidaire LGHK2336TF8
Frigidaire LGHK2336TFO
Frigidaire LGHX2636TD
Frigidaire LGHX2636TD0
Frigidaire LGHX2636TD8
Frigidaire LGHX2636TD9
Frigidaire LGHX2636TE
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF0
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF4
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF5
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF7
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF8
Frigidaire LGHX2636TF9
Frigidaire LGHX2636TFA
Frigidaire LGHX2636TFB
Frigidaire LGHX2636TP
Frigidaire PRMC2285AF
Frigidaire PRMC2285SS
Frigidaire PRMC228AF
Frigidaire WPTWFU01
Frigidiare FFHD225OTS5
Ikea 20462151B
Ikea 90462157B
Kitchenaid FGSS26335TF6
Viking RVRF3361SS
Whirlpool FGHD2368TD0
Whirlpool FGSS26635TF6

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 Refund policy

We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

To start a return, you can contact us at Please note that returns will need to be sent to the following address: Fast Prep USA - Anatolii 6500 NW 21st Ave, Bay 9, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33309

If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

You can always contact us for any return question at

Damages and issues
Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on sale items or gift cards.

The fastest way to ensure you get what you want is to return the item you have, and once the return is accepted, make a separate purchase for the new item.

We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method within 10 business days. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.
If more than 15 business days have passed since we’ve approved your return, please contact us at

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